Sustainable Planning
& Design

Project planning and design, funding and financing strategies, and broader infrastructure solutions that achieve development goals and environmental, social, and resiliency demands.

Green & Resilient Infrastructure Services

Municipalities and companies are adapting to new environmental realities by combining nature-based solutions with new technologies, strategies, and funding/financing options. ECT is an ideal partner for organizations that want to do the right thing for their stakeholders and see an outstanding return on their time and investment. The blend of engineering, ecological design, policy, and market expertise offer solutions that may have once seemed unimaginable or out of reach. 

  • Green stormwater analysis and system design
  • Green and gray water integrated system design
  • Stormwater Modeling and Monitoring
  • Equity and environmental justice support
  • Resiliency plan development and implementation
  • Climate risk mitigation and interventions
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Market sizing and advisory services
  • Market and project funding & financing strategies
  • Policy advisory and engagement
  • Community-based public-private partnerships (CBPs or CBP3s)
Site Design & Engineering Solutions

ECT offers value to our clients through integrated site design, incorporating civil engineering, landscape architecture, and ecological services. Our cross-disciplinary, climate-resilient approach results in creative solutions that thoughtfully integrate landscapes with associated infrastructure and buildings. The results allow budgets to be maximized, and capital dollars to be spent wisely and extended further. Our team provides complete design and engineering services on projects, from initial evaluation and visioning through construction observation and longer-term landscape stewardship and monitoring.


  • Project programming
  • Master planning for communities, neighborhoods & campuses
  • Regional, watershed & water resources planning
  • Sustainable site planning & design
  • Brownfield & greyfield reuse/redevelopment
  • Non-motorized transportation & trail planning
  • Sustainable agricultural planning
  • Workshops, charettes, visioning & facilitation
  • Climate-smart growth
  • Site Plan review
  • Environmental Interpretive planning

Site Design

  • Conceptual design
  • Nature based design
  • Universal & Inclusive design
  • Roadway, Parking, & Complete Streets Design
  • Native & adaptive planting design
  • Park & recreation design
  • Bioretention facilities
  • Green roofs
  • Rainwater harvesting & landscape irrigation
  • Pavilions, amphitheaters & other landscape structures
  • Wayfinding & signage
  • Water feature, fountain & pool design
  • Construction documents & technical specifications
  • Bid & construction assistance
  • Construction administration
  • Long-term landscape review & monitoring

Civil, Ecological & Water Resource Engineering

  • Stormwater planning & concept design
  • Stormwater studies & systems evaluation (stormwater modeling)
  • Stormwater Modeling and Monitoring
  • Site grading plans
  • Integrated green stormwater infrastructure studies, design, permitting & utility credit documentation
  • Water conveyance systems & structures
  • Rainwater collection & reuse; water budgets
  • Streambank & shoreline stabilization
  • Stormwater, sanitary & water utilities
  • Construction documents & specifications
  • Cost estimation
  • Bid & design support during construction
  • Construction administration

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Sustainability Certifications & Standards

ECT participates in and supports a variety of third-party accreditation programs for sustainable design. These include the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Certification, The Living Building Challenge, and The Sustainable SITES Initiative®. We also maintain various ESG frameworks that can be deployed based on your individual industry, organization, and community drivers. Read more about our ESG capabilities here.

ECT is also a JUST 2.0 organization, with a commitment to transparency around social equity and inclusion topics important to advancing our practice, our professionals, and our industry. This label is sponsored by the International Living Future Institute, which also sponsors the Living Building Challenge platform.