Cultural Resources

Archaeological, ethnographical, and historical consulting, surveys, permitting, and monitoring expertise across the U.S.

Cultural Resources Management

ECT offers our clients in-house cultural resource management services designed to complement essential, upfront project planning and agency engagement efforts. This reduces compliance complexities across a varietal landscape of local, state, and federal requirements. Our national team designs custom solutions based upon technical standards and deploys quickly in response to schedule and site needs.

Our archaeologists, anthropologists, and cultural resource professionals offer the following expertise:

  • Federal and State Agency consultation
  • Tribal consultation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Cultural resources surveys, assessments, and mitigations
  • Desktop analyses/cultural resource risk assessments
  • Construction monitoring
  • Cultural resource damage assessments
  • Unanticipated discoveries plans
  • Agreement documents, including Memoranda of Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, and Programmatic Agreements
  • Third-party reviews