National team of biologists, wetland scientists, and species experts focused on planning, permitting, development, and monitoring programs.

Wildlife & Rare Species

ECT’s extensive ecological team includes wildlife and rare species experts who participate in the full project life cycle, from preliminary planning and development to construction and post-construction project elements. This provides you with essential information to understand risk, maintain compliance, and ensure progressive and intentional planning. We successfully partner with on-call and third-party professionals where regional or niche expertise benefits our clients and their projects.

Capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Wildlife management plans (BBCS, ECP, HCP, EMP, etc.)
  • Threatened and endangered species surveys
  • Threatened and endangered species permitting
  • Gopher Tortoise relocation services
  • Comprehensive avian & bat programs
  • Avian point count surveys & nest surveys
  • Bat mist netting & acoustic services
  • Submerged aquatic resources & benthic surveys
Terrestrial & Wetland Environments

Our firm DNA links back to the sensitive, coastal and ecologically diverse states of Florida and Michigan. We have demonstrated our ability to assess potential risk and opportunity within these environments for more than three decades. Over time we’ve brought our ability to assess, design, permit, and support project delivery in every region across the U.S.

Our terrestrial and wetland environment expertise includes:

  • Wetland & Waters of the U.S. delineation, assessments, planning, & permitting
  • Wetland, stream, lake mitigation, design & monitoring
  • Habitat management, mitigation & littoral shelf planting
  • Prairie restoration design & management
  • Invasive & nuisance vegetation removal & management
  • Habitat & vegetation management documents
  • Habitat & vegetation mapping, sampling & surveys
  • Tree surveys
Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Our ecological professionals play a significant role educating constituents about the regulatory landscape, engaging with key agencies and stakeholders, and designing approaches to secure permits and provide positive environmental and stakeholder value. We maintain local and regional expertise, as well as federal permitting experts for projects requiring such engagement.

Permitting & Compliance services include:

  • Due diligence, site selection & feasibility studies
  • Federal, state, and local environmental consultation & permitting
  • USACE, USFWS, state environmental agencies, & local environmental regulation compliance
  • Compliance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • Environmental Assessments (EA) & Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • State & local permitting & licensing
  • Local level SUP/SLUP & CUP assistance
  • Environmental education & community outreach
  • Public participation & information programs
  • Ongoing monitoring