ECT maintains long-standing relationships with natural resource clients in agricultural, mining, oil & gas, and forestry. Our experience involves environmental stewardship, innovation, and conservation geared towards efficient facilities development and production.

Natural Resources

We’ve organized familiar client markets such as oil & gas, mining, and agriculture into the larger natural resources header to best serve their needs. We support these markets as they address the supply, demand, and allocation of the planet’s resources – often with common goals around cleaner, more sustainable, and more efficient discovery, extraction, and processing methods.

Clients in these markets are also balancing economic demand and drivers with increased focus on their environmental stewardship, and ESG initiatives. ECT supports all clients seeking to use new tools and technologies to improve performance while reducing water and energy consumption – and doing it while recognizing their role in larger societal shifts.

Today, we apply industry knowledge, smart strategies, and sound science most often in the following areas:

  • Mining Facilities and Reuse
  • Oil & Gas Production and Processing
  • Natural Gas Extraction and Processing
  • Agricultural Land-Use Efficiencies and Reuse