ECT’s Drone Services improve access, quality, and results.

Drone footage captured a recreational lake, dam, and spillway in south central Kansas.

We have 8 experienced, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-licensed drone pilots available to work on projects nationwide. Our pilots are trained on basic and advanced unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flight operations as well as senor operations and data collection.

As technology evolves, so does our expertise. ECT has developed an internal team of FAA-licensed commercial drone pilots supporting a variety of projects and teams.  When deployed in conjunction with environmental specialists and managers, drone technology increases safe access, reduces potential environmental disruption, improves project efficiencies, and generates meaningful deliverables and results.

Drone flights over proposed, active, and completed project locations generate high-quality 4k video and images that can be used in a variety of applications on new projects, existing infrastructure, and large-scale land holdings. Depending on the use, technology is combined with traditional methods to improve results with the reduced potential human, project, and organizational risk.

Drone Services and Solutions:

  • Aerial Photography and Video
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Wildlife Monitoring
  • Remote Sensing and Surveillance
  • Photogrammetry
  • Structural/Landscape Inspections
  • Data Analysis/Visualization
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Emergency Support Services

Relevant Applications:

  • Project feasibility and early stage assessments
  • Preliminary land mapping and parcel assembly planning
  • Investor and industry marketing and reporting
  • Data collection for GIS applications and other applicable platforms
  • Construction monitoring (including pre and post)
  • Routine and as-needed inspections and maintenance
  • Real-time disaster recovery efforts
  • Remote and virtual “visualization” for stakeholders and project teams


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