Siting and permitting a renewable energy project requires specialized technical skills and proven experience. For more than three decades, ECT has supported the domestic and international energy sectors, delivering more than 55,000 megawatts of new power generation facilities over the past 10 years alone.

Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass, and biogas have an essential place in today’s need for sustainable and climate-compatible alternatives to traditional power generation. As the demand for fuel increases worldwide, renewable energy continues to emerge as a cost-effective and reliable option. As the regulatory environment continues to evolve and the perception of these alternative energy sources flux at state and local levels, ECT’s comprehensive understanding of the industry, market, and science remains a source of practical solutions to renewable energy clients nationwide.

Although often referred to as “green or clean,” renewable power generation in the United States faces a multitude of environmental and permitting challenges. From the acquisition of land and working with rural communities and local governments to the consideration of federally listed species, permitting a renewable energy source requires a unique and innovative approach. Equally important, it requires the services of a firm whose staff is passionate about the work it does and is committed to the mission of delivering practical and cost-effective solutions to complex siting, permitting and construction challenges. ECT is that firm.

Whether the issue is siting, due diligence or preconstruction questions of terrestrial, avian, and bat ecology, our teams work closely with clients, stakeholder interests, and regulatory agencies to overcome complex challenges, and successfully navigate renewable energy applications through the objections of often entrenched opposition, and the otherwise difficult local, state, and federal permitting process. To provide seamless transition and continued compliance, ECT will also serve as the owner’s representative on all such matters during construction and postconstruction.