Innovative natural resources management, siting, licensing & permitting solutions.

ECT provides proven planning, design, and permitting strategies that maximize value and accelerate timelines for a variety of Natural Resource projects from habitat enhancement to pre-development due diligence surveys. Our comprehensive understanding of natural systems and environmental policy experience has made us a trusted advisor and strategic partner to a host of market-leading clients, including renewables; power; mining; oil and gas; transportation; manufacturing and industry; land development; financial, nonprofit, and government sectors.

With experience involving some of the most rigorous federal, state, and local permitting processes in the country, our natural resource management teams work closely with clients, stakeholder interests and regulatory agencies to navigate applications through the objections of often entrenched opposition, and the otherwise difficult permitting process. Led by highly-credentialed and seasoned experts, this collaborative and turnkey approach remains a source of cost-effective solutions to clients nationwide.

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  • Wetland & stream assessment, delineation & impact services
  • Pond, lake & stream assessment
  • Wildlife assessments, monitoring & management

Threatened & Endangered (T/E) Species

  • In-house permitted species specialists for many T/E species
  • Specific T/E species surveys
  • Gopher Tortoise relocation services
  • Comprehensive avian & bat surveys
    • Point count surveys, nest surveys, mist netting, acoustic services
  • Submerged resources & benthic surveys

Restoration & Mitigation

  • Wetland, stream, lake mitigation, design & monitoring services
  • Habitat management, mitigation & littoral shelf planting services
  • Prairie restoration design & management services
  • Invasive & nuisance vegetation removal & management
  • Management documents:
    • Wildlife management plans, BBCS, ECP, HCP, EMP, etc.

Planning & Permitting

  • Habitat & vegetation mapping, sampling & surveys
  • Tree surveys
  • Environmental Assessments (EA) & Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)
  • Land planning
  • Landscape architecture
  • Ecological modeling
  • Construction oversight & compliance
  • Post construction monitoring
  • GIS analysis & mapping


  • Due diligence, site selection & feasibility studies
  • Federal, state, and local environmental consultation & permitting services
  • USACE, USFWS, state environmental agencies, & local environmental regulation compliance
  • Compliance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
  • State & local permitting & licensing services
  • State level power plant siting, licensing & permitting
  • State level transmission siting, licensing & permitting
  • Local level SUP/SLUP & CUP assistance
  • Mine permitting & reclamation services
  • Environmental education & community outreach
  • Public participation & information programs