White Papers

Water Resources

Calabretta, S. M. Cunningham, and S. Vedachalem. (2022). “Investing in America’s Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems for Equity and Sustainability.” Environmental Policy Innovation Center.

Replacing toxic lead water pipes faster: Innovative procurement and financing approaches

Green infrastructure in Michigan: an integrated assessment - May 2020

A survey of barriers and opportunities to adopting green stormwater infrastructure in Michigan

Perfect plants - green infrastructure tool allows Milwaukee to select proper vegetation - in Storm Water Solutions

A capital markets-based water risk assessment of key industrial water users in the Great Lakes region: indicators for portfolio managers - an ECT Report

Economic benefits due to reduction in HABs - an ECT Report

Implementing green infrastructure - executing for triple bottom line in the Great Lakes basin - in ASCE Currents

Net habitat gain in wetlands in the Great Lakes - an ECT Report

Public private partnerships and private finance of large scale green infrastructure in Great Lakes - an ECT Report

Infrastructure public-private partnerships - a new tool for an age old problem - in MML Journal

The Rouge River Area of Concern - a multi-year, multi-level successful approach to restoration of impaired beneficial uses

Modeling phosphorus reduction strategies from the international St. Clair-Detroit River system watershed

Detroit River phosphorus loads: anatomy of a binational watershed

American Society of Landscape Architects Headquarters - Project of the Week 10/31/16

Detroit River-Western Lake Erie indicator project - indicator: dissolved oxygen levels in the Rouge River