City of Milwaukee, Department of City Development


The 30th Street Corridor was a two-phase development plan to reinvigorate local businesses and incentivize green infrastructure practices for proposed developments.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Service Line

Project Highlights

  • Stormwater park / water quality basin with walking paths, natural & formal landscaping & seating areas
  • Parkway bioinfiltration swales & permeable parking lot

ECT worked with the City of Milwaukee to study and develop strategies to manage stormwater in the highly impervious 450-acre 30th Street Industrial Corridor. The project goal was to provide mutual benefits to the corridor: surface stormwater management infrastructure, water quality improvement, corridor beautification, and an environment conducive to business attraction and job creation.

The first phase of study included an examination of stormwater management policies of Milwaukee and other cities and recommendations for policy modifications that would improve Milwaukee’s stormwater management efforts while incentivizing sustainable development and reinvestment in local business, industry, and community.

The second phase of study investigated the potential to incorporate green infrastructure practices into the corridor’s existing infrastructure and redevelopment plans. A number of public and private opportunities, including treatments for public rights-of-way, were identified and taken through preliminary engineering, cost estimating, and stormwater modeling. The results of the analysis were then applied to the entire corridor to estimate the level of water quality improvement achievable through the application of green infrastructure practices to varying degrees.