Alliance for the Great Lakes


Identifying green infrastructure strategies to activate neighborhoods and vacant land on Detroit’s eastside


Conner Creek Greenway, Detroit, Michigan

Service Line

Project Highlights

  • Green stormwater infrastructure
  • Data gathering
  • Stormwater calculations
  • Project stakeholder engagement
  • Conceptual design

The Alliance of Great Lakes (AGL), a Great Lakes basin based non-profit that works to protect the region’s water resources, hired ECT to identify green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) strategies most appropriate along the Conner Creek Greenway on the east side of the city of Detroit. As place-making was a key focus, the locations were strategically selected to activate neighborhood parks and address vacant land along the greenway.

ECT carried out a feasibility study by utilizing existing research and strategic plans for the area to incorporate community goals, objectives, and metrics related to GSI in the project. ECT and AGL worked with the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) to integrate community feedback in the design process through neighborhood forums and surveys. Thirty-two potential GSI sites were evaluated, and five were further developed into innovative conceptual GSI designs.

The designs utilized rain gardens, bioswales, and pervious pavement. The concept designs were approved by the project steering committee, and a comprehensive report was prepared by ECT that identified feasible and optimal GSI opportunities along the greenway, technical criteria, and how community feedback was integrated in the design.