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A LEED-rated campus that provides a healthy work environment and creates an amenity for a residential neighborhood


Highland, Indiana

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Project Highlights

  • Prepared a master plan and secured approval for the Cardinal Campus as a Planned Unit Development
  • Designed the site for phase 1, which included a LEED Platinum rated Veterinary Clinic
  • The campus site development is expected to achieve LEED certification for Neighborhood Development
  • Designed the site to complete streets standards, including a network of walking paths and crosswalk bumpouts
  • The bioretention planters treat roof runoff and contain a diverse array of flowering perennials and ornamental grasses

ECT collaborated with architects from Farr Associates to develop a green office campus in Highland, Indiana. When completed, the Cardinal Campus will contain seven LEED rated buildings, including a hotel and multiple professional office buildings. ECT was responsible for civil engineering and landscape architecture, which included erosion control, tree preservation, stormwater design and permitting, planting design, and the design of pedestrian and vehicular pavements. ECT provided a tree inventory and wetland determination for the site as well.

ECT designed the layout of the campus to fit into the residential area surrounding it. The new commercial buildings are connected to the street network through a network of walking paths, which are also used by the surrounding residents who enjoy the gardens. Unknown to most visitors, the gardens are actually bioretention planters that collect and treat runoff from the buildings’ roofs. Decorative roof drains direct the runoff underneath sidewalks and into the planters.

The vehicular paving on campus is constructed from permeable interlocking concrete pavers. This robust approach to stormwater management is one of ways that this formerly low-lying property was able to be developed.