ECT is committed to exceptional levels of performance in safeguarding our people and the environment as one of our core values. Keeping our people safe is our most important measure of success. Our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HS&E) expectations are realized by the demonstrated leadership of management, compliance with regulatory requirements, and participation of ECT personnel. ECT is committed to an exceptional safety culture where our people embrace ownership for the safety of themselves and others.

Ongoing occupational health and safety training is central for ECT staff and performance with ECT’s Corporate Health and Safety (H&S) Program is part of our employee’s annual metrics. Our employees are encouraged and empowered to be actively engaged in H&S both at work and in the personal lives.

Prioritizing H&S promotes a company culture that inspires our employees and builds trust with our clients.  To that end, ECT is a proud member of ISNetworld which allows ECT to partner with many clients and share our H&S success.

ECT staff work hard to identify hazards to reduce the risk of injury for our employees and our subcontractors. We have a subcontractor management program which includes a Subcontractor H&S prequalification process.

ECT is committed to safe working conditions for all our field projects. Project-specific safe work plans, or more detailed Health and Safety Plans (HASPs) for regulated Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) projects are developed and prepared to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) standards. Communication at project sites is critical in addressing on-going hazard identification and mitigation. Daily tailgates and continual improvement are critical factors in this success.

A copy of the ECT Corporate HS&E Policy can be provided upon request.