Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc. (ECT) has expanded its cultural resources expertise and service footprint to respond to the needs of its clients and partners. The expansion includes the hiring of two senior professionals and significant increases to field teams and capabilities.

Senior Project Manager Michael Striker, RPA, PMP is a registered professional archaeologist with three decades of consulting experience in the cultural resources arena across primarily the central and eastern US on large-scale compliance projects. His expertise includes agency and tribal consultation, legal and regulatory knowledge, agreement documents, and leading archaeological survey, testing and data recovery efforts. He is a Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology from the University of Kentucky with his MA, Anthropology from the University of Idaho and his BA, Anthropology from Michigan State University. He has taught undergraduate and graduate level courses in anthropology, archaeology, American Indian studies, and cultural resources law.

Senior Project Manager Anthony Tricarico, Ph.D., RPA is a registered professional archaeologist who specializes in environmental archaeology and archaeological chemistry within the Southeast and the Caribbean. His expertise also includes historical archaeology, federal/state agency and tribal coordination, and leading Phase I-III archaeological surveys. He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Anthropology from the University of South Florida with his MA, Anthropology from the University of Central Florida, and his BA in both Evolutionary Anthropology and History from Rutgers University. Anthony also holds a certification in historic preservation and has taught courses in archaeology and anthropology at the university level.

“Demand continues to increase for archaeological, ethnographical, and historical services,” said CEO & President Bobbi Westerby. “Adding additional leadership in this area improves the decision-making process and regulatory experience.”

ECT’s Cultural Resources Management services include:

  • Federal and State Agency, and Tribal Consultation
  • Phase I-III Cultural Resources Surveys
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Agreement Documents including Memoranda of Agreement, Memoranda of Understanding, and Programmatic Agreements
  • Desktop Analyses/Cultural Resource Risk Assessments, and Unanticipated Discoveries Plans
  • Cultural Resource Damage Assessments

To get started with ECT’s Cultural Resource Team email Michael or Anthony.

Michael Striker, RPA, PMP
Cultural Resources Senior Project Manager
M: 859.409.1496